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29th, 30th of November 2016 & 1st December 2016
Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Hall 5 and 6, United Arab Emirates

A must destination all organic, natural and eco-friendly businesses…..

The Middle East market is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing markets in the world for natural and organic products, a strong reason for exhibitors to leverage MENOPE for market penetration.
Middle East Natural and Organic Products Expo is a premier exhibition for global businesses in the organic, natural and eco-friendly sphere to prospect the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market. In the last 13 years, MENOPE has remained a significant platform for global companies to assess, enter and reinforce their presence in the MENA market. The expo’s reputation and credential as a must-attend annual event for over a decade has made it one of the most sought after events in Dubai, the cosmopolitan city state in the United Arab Emirates where it is held.

MENOPE has consistently provided a vantage point for organic, natural and eco-friendly products companies from across the world, along with natural and alternative wellness and therapeutic players to tap into the growing MENA market.

Organic and Natural Food & Beverages
Every year MENOPE witnesses a flurry of new food and beverage aunches bringing in a glimpse of the future to retailers and wholesalers in the region. A diverse variety of fair trade products, chemical and additive-free food and beverages are showcased at MENOPE as global companies pitch in with their best to hook the market.

Natural Beauty & Wellness
Some of the best in the world, proven beauty care and lifestyle products, wellness packages and SPAs make MENOPE an interesting destination for the cosmetic business promoters. Natural and organic ethical beauty products from across the world get showcased at MENOPE bringing a variety of choice to the industry. Aromatherapy, essential oils, best of yoga and other life rejuvenators are a part of MENOPE showcase.

Health & Nutrition
Natural vitamins, supplements, herbal health products etc… are part of the exciting showcase of MENOPE emphasizing the importance of embracing the bounties of nature for good health. In the MENA region, these products are on a fast growth track with rising awareness on healthy lifestyle.

Alternative Medicines, Natural Therapy
Showcasing life sustaining alternative medical treatments and therapeutic packages reinforces MENOPE’s reputation as a wholesome show that promotes a sustainable lifestyle.

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